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Winter Project

Well, I've embarked upon a mid-winter project - something to occupy my mind while the cold wind blows outside.....

(drum roll please.......)

Yep. As much as it pains me to admit it, I have never seen a single episode of Babylon 5 - I guess I was busy watching Deep Space 9.

So. Since the episodes are available online (TBS?), I'm working my way through them. The folks that suggested it to me say that Season 1 takes a lil perseverance to get through, because they're setting up the characters and the situation.

As a show that was planned from the start as a 5 year arc, I guess you could call it a 125 (+/-) episode miniseries.

Here we go. Wish me luck.


Connectivity Meme

I'm running a test to see who's reading my posts. So, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the first letter of your LJ USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. Don't just post a word and not copy - that's not as much fun!
Reid Shit


Whyinhell is the candidate I could never bring myself to vote for the one talking about a lunar base and a Mars mission?


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Not A Recap: Criminal Minds 7x11 "True Genius"

Like the title says, not really a recap. Just some random thoughts on rewatching.

You're changing the world too. Spencer, one goddamn starfish at a time.

Rossi: "Even a serial killer has to grow up." Thematic statement!

Hmph. I didn't know Klingons play chess. Hooda thunkit?


Publicity hound is hit with a Level 3 Reidalanche!

Child prodigy. Playground punching bag. Chess lover. Unsub-tle.

"Your soul mate is standing before you now." Oblivious crowd is oblivious.

Gloves, JJ. You too, Spence.

The role of Catwoman will be played tonight by Penelope Garcia. I kept wondering if she was wearing a matching tail.

It did get a little heavyhanded at times. As Hotch says "the object of his obsession" we cut to the fiance. (Writer) Sharon Lee Watson has improved since "El Dorado" but she still needs to catch on that we is smart and gets it without having to be led by the hand.

I always, always love Geektwin scenes.
Geektwin powers activate! Geektwins crack the case!

I didn't recognize any of the other names, but "C. Hardwick" is on the Mensa list.

"Sombody else was there." Rossi is now comfortable with the Captain Obvious role.

Reid almost looks like he's levitating, sitting cross legged, staring at an empty board, coasting through the far reaches of Reidspace.

"You're having fun." "I'm being a good sport." Yeah, right.

"I know Spassky conceded the match..." Hotch knows chess history!

The little back-exposition done by phone on the way to the scene is kind of nicely done. I was a little surprised that JJ and Emily didn't make Rossi sit in the back seat.

The scene with Reid and the two malignant geniuses reminds me sooo much of his interview of the teenager in "Seven Seconds" They're playing on his chess board now, and Reid is working his endgame. "Lemmie ask you this..."

Reid looks just insufferably pleased with himself getting off the elevator.  As he should.

One goddamned starfish at a time.

Yanno, I thought this actually felt like a Criminal Minds episode. Everyone was in character, the thematic arcs were there. CM has always seemed to hit its stride mid-season, so maybe things are looking up.


Aversion Therapy?

Is it still called aversion therapy if they don't know they're doing it?

I grew up in a VERY religious (Baptist) household. Both parents taught Sunday School, Dad was a Deacon, mom sang in the choir. We went to church a minimum of three times a week - Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday evening ("prayer meeting").

Now. Here's the thing. My parents, like most in the community, were very much "spare the rod and spoil the child" advocates. From the age of probably 4 or 5 - I don't remember exactly - I was expected to sit quietly in the service and pay attention.

I guess it was just not in my nature. I guess I tried. I wasn't a deliberately rebellious child at that age, but evidently it just wasn't in me to sit still. I don't really remember what I did instead, but it evidently wasn't satisfactory, because for YEARS the routine for each service was go to church, come home, get a beating.

Well, beating might be a little strong. I suppose you'd call it a whipping - it was administered by my mother, with a switch from the maple tree in the yard and while I wasn't exactly left broken and bleeding, it hurt like hell and left visible welts on my legs.

Now, I don't want to paint my parents as monsters or deliberately abusive. They certainly weren't - it wasn't unusual for my mother to be crying while she walloped me and I really think she absolutely hated doing it; she just sincerely believed it was her duty as a parent, as necessary as getting a child his polio vaccination.

Until I was, oh, probably 10 or 11, that was the pattern for every service (at least that's my memory of it) - go to church, come home, beat the kid. Go to church, come home, beat the kid. Go to church, come home, beat the kid.

Go to church, come home, beat the kid.

Five or six years, week in, week out.

Now, here's the question:

Can you think of a more effective way to make a child absolutely HATE going to church? And keep him from ever, ever willingly going to church once he's old enough to make that decision?

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Another Year in the Can

Well, here we are, starting another year.

I took one of those online Meyers-Briggs personality type tests, as I do every New Years, and - today, at least - looks  like I'm still the INFJ type. That's supposed to be the creepy manipulative types, like Jason Gideon, f'rinstance.

I'll take that. Jason, strangely, is one of my favorite fictional characters although I didn't really like him very much. Is that completely weird? Of course it is, but as I think about it it seems to be true.